advena Hotels

The advena Hotelgesellschaft mbH has been founded 1991 in Wiesbaden and combines quality middle class hotel business with the aspiration of individual, service-oriented management of hotel business and gastronomy beneath the same roof.

“advena” – the word is of Latin origin. It’s meaning for us is “Come in” – a cordial welcome to the traveler! In the “advena hotels” this term goes for quality standards as:

  • Hotels in downtown areas or at easily accessible locations, attractive for business connections or individual tourists, with 60 to 130 rooms in the range of 3 to 4 stars – quality middle class – reasonably priced.
  • Individual, courteous service across-the-board
  • High grade hotel business, with international and regional restauration concept, convention and conference area, recreation/spa area, sauna, adequate parking contingencies
  • Modern, friendly atmosphere, convenient equipment, en suite etc.
  • Coverage of modern communication means

The “advena hotels” document their membership to this group of hotels by the use of the term “advena” with the hotel name, or with the suplementary “An advena hotel fellow”. Thus the name „advena hotels“ stands for the quality criteria designated above, shows the membership and provides the appropriate recognizing and identification to the guest and with the marketing appearance.

Helmut Herfurth

Founder & CEO

Horst Strasser