Helmut Herfurth

Helmut Herfurth, born in 1941, began his career with an apprenticeship in hotel management at the Kurhaus Bad Kreuznach, attended the “Higher Hotel School Heidelberg” and Hilton International’s “Career Development Institute in Montreal” before in 1989 he ventured into independence with his conulting firm “Herfurth Hotel Consult” and in 1991 founded the current “advena Hotelgroup” with other partners. 

Important vocational stations of his development were among others his occupation at “Hilton International” in London, Paris, Mainz, Berlin, later for “HYATT Hotels & Resorts”, where he was obligated as manager in Hongkong and Singapore, as general manager in Teheran and at the HYATT-hotels in Dubai, Nizza und Casablanca in each case as general manager und regional director.

He changed to the “Canadian Pacific Hotels”, opened the Hotel “Bremen Plaza” in Bremen as general manager and succceded to the task of the general manager and regional director for the Frankfurt house of this internationally acting society. Since many years Helmut Herfurth is an active member of the “European Hotel Managers Association, Rome”.

His professional activities today are: Co-owner and managing partner of the advena Hotelgesellschaft mbH, managing partner of the ADVENA Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft Europa Hotel Mainz GmbH, owner of the advena Europa Hotel Mainz, as well as owner of the “Herfurth Hotel Consult, Wiesbaden”.